Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just For Fun!

Do you ever just get something in the mail, or an email, or phone call that just brightens your day? I love that feeling, but most of all, I love passing that feeling onto others! There really is something to be said for "random acts of kindness", which is something my mom passed on to me.

Sometimes I used to get mad because she was so involved in church, book clubs, a teen crisis center, teaching, and a list of other things, but I didn't realize at the time what she was doing for people. I have never hidden that I was a somewhat spoiled child/teen, and I demanded a lot. I have so many regrets about that, but I have always loved people. I was always willing to help my mom with her things and I did always get a great joy out of it, I just didn't get why she had to do it. Now I do. And, there are times when Caroline wants me, and I'm in the middle of something and tell her to hang on, and I see the same frustration with me that I had for my about coming full circle! But at the same time, she already does for people, just like I learned from my mom, and that to me is a blessing. She loves making things for her friends, family, teachers, and she loves helping people. Donating time, money, walking for a does my heart good!

All this to say that I wanted to brighten a few peoples day that have already brightened mine through their blogs. Plus...I love to paint! So, here are a few canvases that I did just for fun!


Laurie said...

So sweet of you...sometimes it is better to give than to receive! You did a great job! I bet your mom would love this post!:)

Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh my gosh! I am so impressed! These are just adorable and I'm sure will be much appreciated. Good for you. :)