Monday, May 18, 2009

Crosses & The Art of Distressing

I have been busy, busy lately with some fun projects! I just got done with 2 Distressed Crosses that turned out really great! I'm never sure if the colors chosen are going to turn out well when distressing, but these worked beautifully!

I have had lots of questions about distressing, and all I can say is that it takes time! There are lots of different layers involved to get that really aged look, so if you just want a little distressing, it isn't so time consuming. The red cross has 6 layers and then 3 glaze coats, and the green cross has 8 layers and 3 glaze coats! Whew...that's lots of painting!

I also did a new sign for our house! I needed a new one! It is also distressed, to match the rest of our house which is all rock and wood.

Then I did another canvas painting of a Cross. I don't think I've posted pics of this one yet, but if I have...forgive me, I'm a little scatter brained right now!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Now I know my ABC's

I found this super cute little wooden ABC puzzle the other day, and I just couldn't resist getting it make it adorable for little Lyla. I had fun thinking of different ideas of what to do with this one. I think it turned out really cute, and way more girly than the traditional little learning puzzles!

Each letter has my own special glitter glaze, with 3 extra coats of clear glaze to give it a little extra pop!

And then I also painted this sweet little canvas picture frame for Lyla's room too!

Bow Hangers

My sister-in-law, Amy is having a baby girl {Lyla} in early September, and she has been going crazy getting her room all ready. One of my contributions to this is a bow hanger. Now since I made one for the baby, I knew I'd have to make one for big sister Avery too, so they both got pretty new bow hangers! Caroline & Avery had to do the modeling for the pictures, it was quite'll see!

Amy went straight home and hung them in their rooms...with bows!