Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Oh Baby

Caroline's teacher and her husband are expecting a little girl in the near future, and of course Caroline is thrilled! She adores, I mean absolutely adores her teacher, and is always painting or coloring for her. So, Caroline decided that I just had to make some burp clothes and a wall hanging for the new baby. I kindly obliged, as I also adore Caroline's teacher, Mrs. B.

So, I let Caroline go to my fabric stash and pick out the fabric she wanted me to use, so she would feel like she was part of the process. I think they turned out really well, actually, pretty stinking cute, if I do say so myself!

I got such a sweet thank-you note from Mrs. B, and the funniest thing was in there. She told me that the pink paisley fabric was the fabric they were using for the nursery! How crazy is that? What a really great coincidence!

And then of course, here is the wall hanging, made to match the fabric also, once I knew that was what Mrs. B. was using!

And I really wish I knew why blogger kept turning this stinking picture sideways! Any ideas?

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Earth Mama Sarah said...

Love those! They look soooo soft and pretty.