Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun New Stuff

So, I have completed the two photo canvases for my winners, and they are being mailed as I type! I can't wait for them to get them...hopefully they will both be pleased! Here a 2 pictures with a glimpse of their winnings!

And I have also made a few canvases for some great blogs! Fort Thompson is getting a little gift in the mail, and they are curious as to what I have sent they get a little sneak peak too!

{ and yes, these have been blurred somewhat and cropped, so they don't see it until it gets there!}

I also made one for a friend who has no clue this is coming in the mail to her! Here's her sneak peak!

And then....I created another one for a great blog! They have no idea that I have done this, but I'm sure this sneak peak will give it away! Can you guess what blogger this is?


I also had an order for a mailbox. These can be so much fun to work on! The best part was that they let me decide on the theme of this project! The husband said, "Your the artist, surprise us!" Well, I decided to get a little fun with this one! We took it over to them yesterday afternoon, and needless to say...they were thrilled! He even mounted it right then!

{stinking blogger keeps turning them sideways! Ugghhh}


Following Him said...

I am guessing drama mama! I can see part of the r. So sneaky! Can't wait to see the final product!

Laurie said...

You've got me on the edge of my seat...I can't wait to see my beautiful canvas! I already love the glimpse I saw!:)

Cristina said...

Love your canvasses. I cant wait to make an order...when I figure out what I want.